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Huangshan International Grand Hotel
Situated in the downtown of Huangshan City, the four star hotel enjoys a great reputation for her excellent service and fine facilities.

Taoyuan Hotel (Peach Blossom Hotel )
Located at the foot of Mt. Huangshan, the three-starred hotel is just opposite to the Hot Spring. With an easy access, the hotel has a beautiful and quiet environment. Staying is believing.

Beihai Hotel (North Sea Hotel )
Located on the top of the Mountain, at an elevation of 1630 meters above sea level, the three-starred hotel is the largest one among the three. The hotel hosted many celebrities both home and abroad.

Shilin Grand Hotel (Lion Forest Hotel)
Situated just opposite to the North Sea Hotel, Shilin Grand Hotel was opened to host tourists in 1998. With the modern facilities and fine service, the three-starred hotel has quickly enjoyed a great reputation among oversea tourists.

West Sea Hotel
The only joint-venture hotel on the top, West Sea Hotel enjoys a great reputation for her fine service and home-like atmosphere among most of the overseas tourists.

Yuping Low Hotel (Jade Screen Hotel)
Located at an elevation of 1716 meters above sea level, the hotel is surrounded by marvelous views. In front of the hotel, the greeting pine welcomes all the tourists coming to Huangshan.

Huangshan Recreation Center
Situated in the west suburb of Huangshan City, the recreation center provides kinds of relaxation facilities, such as golf, ring-form screen cinema, local opera, tennis, straw-skating, swimming pool etc. Other kinds of enjoyment activities are available and encouraged.

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