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Taipinghoukui Tea:
Taipinghoukui is one of the best-quality famous teas in the category of Pointed Tea among Hongqing teas, produced in Houkeng, Hougang and Yan village of Xinming township. It is called Taipinghoukui for their superior quality, for 'Kui' in Chinese means the best or the highest.

The tea has olive-green color and a straight shape with slightly pointed ends, exuding charming and pleasant fragrance like that of orchids.

Houkui won a gold medal in Panama International Fair in 1915, and many other gold medals at home and abroad.

Huangshan Maofeng Tea:
Huangshan Maofeng Tea is a world-famous and best-quality tea, growing in the mountains over 700 meters above sea level within Mt. Huangshan Scenic Spot which has fertile soil, cool temperature, plenty precipitations and lingering fragrance of flowers. The tea has a unique quality and send forth lasting fragrance largely due to its growing environment, its sturdy buds and the consummate skills in picking and processing. Huangshan Maofeng strongly resembles birdsĄŻ tongues in shape, with bright luster and verdant and soft yellow colors.

Huangshan Maofeng, which are graded according to their quality, entered the tea market of London, Paris and Southeast Asian countries as early as 1976, and became world famous. It was listed as National Famous Tea in the Tea Appraisal Meeting held in Changsha in 1982.

Tunlu Tea:
Tunlu is the abbreviation of Green Tea of Tunxi, growing mainly in Xiuning, She county, Jingde, Jixi, Tunxi, Ningguo. The tea is named Tunlu for they were processed mainly in Tunxi in history.

Tunlu tea have sturdy, tightly kinked twigs with bright color and luster. After the tea is made, its broth assumes bright green, and exudes refreshing and delicate scent like that of Chinese chestnuts and rich and mellow fragrance. Tunlu is the super-eminent products among green teas produced in China, which has great varieties such as Zhenmei, Gongxi, Tezhen, Xiumei, Lupian, etc. Tunlu tea found the international market as early as Wanli period of Ming Dynasty, nowadays they are best sellers around the world.

Qimen Black Tea:
Qimen black tea is a traditional famous tea of China, produced in Qimen county. It features thin twigs, sleek black color and luster, red and clear broth, mellow and refreshing taste, fruity smell like that of honey or apple.

Qimen black tea has long been well-known in internal and overseas market, it won a gold medal in Panama International Fair in 1915, and State Gold Medal awarded by the National Light Industrial Products Appraisal in 1980. It has gained a fame as the world's top tea, 'Best of the Best Teas' in British market and 'Rose Scent' in Japanese market.

Gold Amber Honey Date:
Gold amber honey date is traditional export commodities, they are so named for certain special qualities as small stone, thick pulp, crisp and sweet, color like an ambers. It was originally produced in She county, as time went on, the processing methods were introduced to Shuidong area of Xuancheng, and gradually developed into ?Shuidong' honey date with unique taste and worldwide reputation.

Honey date were produced by refining fresh, crisp, sweet, delicate, ripening dates with thin peel, small stone, through several procedures. Honey dates are nutritious super tonics, containing around 70% sugar, varieties of vitamins and profuse proteins, carbohydrate.

Gold amber honey dates are well known as 'Honey Date King' in the internal and overseas market, and are exported to more than forty countries and areas.

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