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The international flights to Huangshan are available from Hong Kong. A lot of domestic transfer flights are available from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. Taxi service is available at Huangshan City Airport. The hotel is 5 km away from the Airport.

Bring enough clouthes with you since the temperature on the top is 8 degrees lower than that of the mountain foot areas, and the weather is quite changeble during spring and autumn months.

Wear suitable shoes in case of slip, especially when it is raining.

The scenic spots on the top are connected by sections of stone steps, so always keep in mind:stop walking while enjoying the view; avoid gazinng at some scene while walking. Watch your step wherever you are.

Team tour is suggested. If you travel alone, a guide or a companion is our strong recommenation.

Tourist alone is forbidden to enter under-developed scenic areas in case of getting lost as there is no communication facilities or mobile phone signals deep in the gullies.

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