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As one of the renowned histrical and cultural cities in China, Kunning is a hot tourist destination located near the southwest border of China. In the ancient times, Kunming which connected Sichuan, Yunnan, Tibet with Myanmar and India was an important city on the South Silk Road; at the same time, Kunming was the meeting point of the world renowned Nanshao Culture, Tufan Culture, Dongba Culture, Islamic Culture and Central Plains Culture.

The city is surrounded by mountains on three sides,leaving one side facing Dianchi Lake. The climate here is like spring all year round, with flowers in blossom in every season. Thus the city has been called "Spring City". Kunming is known for its rich tourist resources comprising beautiful natural scenery,magnificent countryside views and colourful folklore.

Kunming is located in the middle of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau . The elevation of the city is 1891 metres above sea level.Kunming is surrounded on three sides, leaving one side facing the Dianchi Lake to its south. The Panlongjiang River, a tributary of the Yangtze River, winds through the city. The magic combination of various geographical factors makes Kunming a "Spring City" and a "Flower Capital" without bitter cold in winter and scalding heat in summer. Richly endowed with the mild climate of eternal spring, Kunming enjoys a picturesque scenery. Here the high officials and dignitaries, Buddhist monks and Taoist priests of the past dynasties built pavilions, mansiuns, temples and palaces after careful inspectionand selection. So places of historical interest and scenic beauty characteristic of the culture in southwest China can be found euerywhere in and outside the city and around the Dianchi Lake. The wonderful climate makes the scenery even more beautiful. The beauty of the"Spring City"is beyond description. Its unique charm is attracting more and more tourists at home and abroad.

Dianchi Lake -- Xishan -- Jiuxiang -- Golden Hall Park -- Grand View Mansion -- shilin -- Jiaozi Mountain

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