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Kunming boasts rich resources.The ethnic groups, each with its own unique lifestyle and standard of beauty,have creatcd many unique specialities. The ethnic arts and crafts, cigarettes, medicine, tea, jewelry, embroidery and local snacks are most pooular among visitors. Bornite wares are unique metal arts and crafts produced in Yunnan. They have a graceful shape, looking classic and dignified. The natural bornite has stains and spots on the surface, showing a beautiful picture against a golden yellow background.
Yunnan tea is finely made, good in quality, and has a good assrtmnent.Popular products include Dianhong, Dianliu, puercha, Tuocha and Qizhibing.
The City of Spring plants many varieties of flowers all the year round.Now total number amounts to 400. Camellia, "messanger of Spring", magnolia, azalea lily, orchid, "luronghao" and rough gentia are eight well-known flowers. The camellia is the city flower of Kunming.
Snacke in Kunming are good and cheap. Tourists have many choices.Major snacks include cross-the-bridge rice noodles, four-flavour backwheat bread, stewed bean curd, bamboo-tube rice, pineapple purple, and etc.

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