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Xishuangbanna is a beautiful and magical place located in Southwest China.

There are many national minorities on this land and it has a long history. The natural resources abound with many plants and animals. A vast botanical garden is located here and is the source of medicinal plants. Today it has 1202.31 square kilometers of scenic areas and 150 places of scenic and cultural interest. National nature reserves cover 3.6 million acres.

The capital city, Yunjinghong, is at the center. The plants and animals are located north where one can visit Wild Elephant Valley, the tropical forest and subtropical primitive forests.

On the east side of the city, there are farms, traditional minority housing, and botanical gardens. On the west side, one can taste minority style food.

Down on the Burma border is a small town, Xiaomengla, which can also be visited. It has a white pogada called Manfeilong. There are 240 areas where tradeis permitted across the border between the two countries.

In the city you can visit Chunhuan pard, the minorities cultural garden, tropical gardens, minorities custom village, and many other places.

Xishuangbanna depends on the tropical climate, natural scenery, brilliant multi-cultural minorities and contact with neighboring countries. Today the people in Xishuangbannatry their best to improve transportation, communications and natural resources as a foundation for tourism.

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