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Zhejiang has many famous mountains and waters. Shaoxing has been admired since the past. The picturesque hills, with continuous mountains; The magnificent plains, with crisscrossed network of rivers. The crowded water villages, clear as mirrors. Some are tender and lovely. Some are mild and whispering. Some are vast and endless. It really goes to the old line: "Thousands of miles of clouds and thousands of miles of water, one is always touring in."

Early in Jin Dynasty, Gu Kaizhi, with an eye of great artist, highly praised the beauty of mountains and rivers in Guiji: "Thousands of rocks contend to be splendid and ten thousands of valleys contend to be flowing, bushes and trees above them, something like the clouds singing and dancing."

Wang Xizhi, a calligrapher, also greatly honored: "Walking along the Shanying, mountains and rivers go one by one, so many scenic things more than one can simply enjoy."

Shaoxing is a famous historical and cultural city. The lofty Mausoleum of King Yue at the foot of Mt. Guiji. Yue Wang Terrace at the foot of Mt. Longshan, old and strong. Rueye Stream, Gou Jian, King of Yue, casted the swords here. Mt. Qinwang, known as that Ying Zheng, King of Qin, watched the sea here while he was touring in the east. Old Residence of Qiu Jin, Hechang Hall, in the south of the city. Ancestors' Residence of Zhou Enlai, Hundred- Years-Old Hall. Facing all these historical sites, one will have the feeling of worship out of mind, on the past as well as the present.

"Wine Cups Floating Along the Stream" in Orchid Pavilion with long bamboos. Ponds and terrace in Sheng Garden, where Lu You mournfully chanted the poem "Chai Tou Feng". The Green Vine Study of Xu Wei. Hundred Grass Garden of Luxun. Everywhere one may enjoy oneself very much, dazzled and fascinated.

Shaoxing is the territory of ancient Yue Kingdom and the state of culture. shaoxing boasts the outstanding talents, favourable surroundings and scenic beauty. Many outstanding figures have come forth. It looks as if many stars glittering in the sky. From the place where Gou Jian. the monarch of ancient Yue Kingdom, once slept on brushwood and tasted gall, to Three Flavour Study, a place where the great modern writer Lu Xun studied in his childhood, so many precious histoical relics have remained during the long years and spread all over the place. The towering temples and pagodas, vigorous stone inscription, grand mansions, magnificent palaces and even a long lane, a Taimen building, an ancient tree, are all delivering the historical echo.

Shaoxing, the ancient city, is now undergoing a new age. The long historical and cultural traditions have been properly cherished and valued.

Kuaiji Mountain and Jianhu Lake -- East Lake -- Fushan (Fu Hill) Park -- King Yue's Terrace -- Wuxie -- Temple And Mausoleum of Yu -- Grand Buddha Temple -- Lanting (Orchid Pavilion) -- Sheng Family Garden -- Green Vine Study -- Lu Xun's Former Residence -- The Residence Of Mr. Cai Yuan Pei -- Qiu Jin's Former Residence -- Ancestral Home Of Late Primier Zhou Enlai

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