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A depression enclosed by mountains in eastern Xinjiang, also called Gushi in ancient times. In the center of the Turpan Depression is the Aydingkol Lake which is 154 m below sea level, second only to the Dead Sea in Jordan, lowest in the world. The mean temperature there all-year-round is 12.1 degrees to 14.9 degrees Centigrade, and in the sweltering summer days it rises up to 40 degrees C, with a ground temperature as high as 80 degrees C. Hence the name the ¡°„fiery Land¡°ņ. As an important post on the northern route of the age-old Silk Road, Turpan has now many spots of interest such as the ancient cities of Gaochang and Jiashe, Bezeklik Thousand-Buddha Caves, Emin Minaret, grape Valley, and Karez wells.
For the King of Gaochang during his pilgrimage to India for Buddhist scriptures. Gaochagn city consists of three parts: the outer city, the inner city and the palace city. The city walls are fairly well preserved and some other remains can still be seen.

Emin Minaret

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