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Located at the eastern part of China, Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu Province which is developed in economy in China and an important central city on the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtse River.

Nanjing is situated on the vast plain of the lower reaches of the Yangtse Riverand at 32* 03 ' N, 118 * 47 ' E. It belongs to the northern subtropical monsoon climate zone where the four seasons are clearly demarcated. The annual mean temperature is 16 degress C, the annual even precipitation is 1,106 mm and the frost-free period is 237 days.

At present, Nanjing has jurisdiction over 10 districts and 5 counties,covering an area of 6,516 square kilometers and having a population of about 5,200,000.

Nowadays, Nanjing has developed into a multiple- producing industrial base in eastern China, an important hub of transportation and communication center, one of China's four major scientific research and educational central cities. The gross national products of the whole city in 1995 amounted to 5.8 billion yuan,a 12% increase over the previous year.


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