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Those who had been to Quanzhou are all enchanted by the stone buildings with the influence of the Tang and Song dynasties. The bridges, pagodas and awe-inspiring temple halls there are all imbued with ancient culture.

Bordering the sea, Quanzhou is a time-honored city of culture. As early as over 2,000 years ago, Quanzhou was inhabited by the Minyue tribe, a branch of the "Hundred Yue" people. After the unification of China by the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty, a prefecture was set up here. The city was officially named Quanzhou in 711 A.D., the second year of the reign of Jingyun of the Tang Dynasty. As the shape of the city looked like a carp, it was also called the City of the Carp. Again, as coralbean trees were planted all around the city, it was also called the Coralbean City in history.

Quanzhou started trading with foreign countries in the Southern Dynasties, and during the Song and Yuan Dynasties its foreign trade flourished unprecedentedly. It had trade relations with over 100 countries and regions, becoming the biggest sea port in the East and one of the starting points of the "Silk Road on the Sea".

Quanzhou was reputed as a "Holy City". It boasts the existence of a great many historical sites and scenic spots relating to religion. And the flourish of religions in Quanzhou in those days was matchless.


Kaiyuan Temple -- The Qingjing Mosque -- Yuhua Rock -- Luoyang Bridge

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