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Dalian, located on the southern tip 0f the Liaodong Peninsula, is a beautiful seaside city with a comfortable climate. The city is a famous tourist destination and summer resort in China.

Dalian's 30 kilometers southern coast is a famous national tourist destination. The southern coast comprises Bangchui Isle Seashore, Tiger Beach Park, Swallow's Nest Peak, Crescent Hill, Fujizhuang Seashore, Golden Pebble Beach, White Cloud Villa, Xinghai Park, the Black Reef, Shengya Sea World, the Dolphin Performance Hall, Bird-Chirping Forest, Amphibious Animals Exhibition Hall, and the Forest Zoo. Countless reefs and islands dot the sea, and a seaside highway links dozens of scenic spots. At the beach, visitors can swim, dive, or fish.

Tasting seafood is a must in Dalian. The food is delicious and prices are comparable to those in Beijing.

Lushunkou, 50 kilometers out of downtown Dalian, is another scenic resort in Dalian. It is enclosed by mountains and comprises the Lushun Military Harbor, the Snake Isle, and Bird Isle.

Famous mountains in the area include the White Jade Mountain, the Gold Mountain, and the Silver Mountain. Towers such as the White Jade Tower, the Victory Tower, and the Friendship Tower are scattered throughout the area's peaks. The Lushun Museum collections contain more than 30,000 cultural relics, including a 1,400-year-old mummy. The Golden Pebble Beach National Tourist Resort and Zhuanghe Ice Valley Scenic Area are also known far and wide. Ice Valley is located in Zhuanghe County in the northern mountain area of Dalian. The place has beautiful natural scenery reminiscent of a "Shangri-La." Tourists will hate to leave after seeing the high mountains, clear brooks, and green valleys.

Golden Pebble Beach Resort, located in the Liangshui Cove in Jinzhou District, 20 kilometers from the Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone, is a famous national resort. The best bathing beach in Dalian and the Natural Geoogical Museum are in the resort. The 4-kiloeter-long beach has clear water and calm waves. On the eastern shore, there are exotic reefs and rock formation scattered on a 7-kilometer-long coastline named "Magic Sculpture Park," a result of the earth's movements from 700 million years ago.

Dalian covers an area of 1,100 square kilometers and has a population of 1.2 million. It is fun to take the trolley bus to go sightseeing around the city. No. 201 and No. 202 are the only two lines that circle within the city proper, No. 202 passes through Xinghai Park.

There are many European-style buildings in Dalian, such as the building complex around the People's Square and the Sun Yat-sen Square. Their architecture makes tourists feel as though they were in Europe.

The pigeons on the Sun Yat-sen Square attract many tourists. One yuan buys a bag of corn for feeding the pigeons.

Dalian is the center of foreign trade in Liaoning Province as well as the second largest international commercial harbor in China. Travelers may buy arts and crafts, garments, silk, and seafood in Dalian.

Tourists may take plane to go to Dalian. There are many flights from Beijing to Dalian every day that cost about 570 yuan. Tourists may take train No. 529 to Dalian. Sleeping berths cost 230 yuan.

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