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Hainan Province lies at the southernmost tip of China, facing Guangdong in the north across the Qiongzhou Strait; Vietnam in the west across the Beibu Gulf (Gulf of Tonkin), and Taiwan Province in the east across the South China Sea. To the south and southeast it is bounded in the South China Sea by the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia. Encompassing Hainan Island, Xisha Archipelago, Zhongsha Archipelago and Nansha Archipelago as well as their dependent waters, Hainan covers a land area of 35,000 sq km and a sea area of approximately 2 million sq km. Hainan Island is China's second largest island after Taiwan, with an area of 33,900 sq km (not including its satellite islets). Zengmu Shoal of Nansha Archipelago is the southernmost part of Chinese territory.

Tianya Haijiao -- Yalong Bay -- Dadong Sea Scenic Spot -- Sanya Bay -- Haitang Bay -- Luobi Cave Scenic Spot -- The Ancient City of Yazhou -- Local Customs -- Entertainment

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