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Mount. Yandang

Lingfeng (the Spiritual peaks)

Lingfeng (the Spiritual peaks) are the eastern gate of the Yandang Mountain. Two huge rocks of about hundred meters in height, gently touch on the top, just like two palms being put together that evokes a Buddhist gesture. It is the case that Buddhism always blends in or with a scenic landscape in China. Not only the temple, the Guanyin (Avalokitesvara) Temple nested subtlely inside the palms, but the peak of Greeting Monk, the most vivid spiritual symbol at the Puxi Stream that horalds visitors coming from afar.

Such a place that the Taoist also is active to have a share. Beside the Buddhist Guanyin Temple, to its left, lies the Taoist Beidou (the Plough) Temple that contributes to the landscape as well.

Marvellously, the Spiritual Peaks, on the other hand, pose a secular aspect at night. Silhouetted against the moonlit sky, the peaks turn into a group of images as discribed as "a pair of hugged lovers", "a rhino looking at the Moon" etc. Yet, these images can only be perceived at some certain spots or from some appointed angles.

The Spiritual Peaks, the Spiritual Rocks and the Big Dragon Waierfall are the "Three Wonders" in the Yandang Mountain, and they attract sworms of visitors daily. Here, a special mention should be given to the night scenes of the Spiritual Peaks. The Peaks silhouetted against a moon-lit sky, work out a group of images, such as the "Wife-and-Husband Peak", "A Rhino Looking at the Moon" etc. that are vivid and amusing.

The Guanyin (Avalokitesvara) Cave conceals inside the Palm Peak (see the picture 4). With 113 meters high, 76 meters deep and 14 meters wide, it is the Firsi Cave in the Yandang Mountain. A pavilion temple of nine stories was built inside with a stair-case leading to the top. The temple meets the sunshine only a few minutes in a day, but candles and insence burned inside, are flickering and curling upwards all year round.

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