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Mount. Yandang

The Spiritual Rocks

Among the Three Best Wonders of the Yandang Mountain, namely, the Spiritual Peaks, the Spiritual Rocks and the Big Dragon Waterfall, the Spiritual Rocks sits at the middle which is regarded as "a front house" of the whole mountain area (a comparision to the system of the Chinese housing structure).

Li Xiaoguang , a man of letters in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) described the Spiritual Rocks in this way: As of being precipicious and enchanting, there is no better than that of the Spiritual Peaks, while in terms of grandeur and solid, the Spiritual Rocks look better.

Composed of the Sceen Hill (Pingxia Zhang) at the back, the Heavenly Column Peak (Tianzhu Feng) and the Flag Peak (Zhanqi Feng), two huge rocks sitting on both sides, and an old temple located in the middle, the Spiritual Rocks area make people feel awesome. lt's a place that dominates people on the spot. This, perhaps, enlights people to do some creations for themselves. "Flying man over the Spiritual Rocks" is the program dedicated to show to visitors at the site.

Though there still some other spots worthy of visiting, such as the Heavenly Window Cave, the Small Dragon Waterfall as well as the Jade Lady Peak, but most often, they are missed or neglected.

The Spiritual Rocks scenic spot can be regarded as a "three-layer pavilion": the first layer includes the Man-flying Adventure, the Lingyan Temple and the Small Dragon Waterfall, teh second layer is composed of the Dragon-Nose Cave, teh Sky-Window Cave; and the upper layer, the Lying Dragon Valley, and the Double-Pearl Valley. Each boasts its own features and styles.

Being up there in a two-hundred height, a man hung to a rope (with wheels), is sliding across a two-hundred-wide distance from the top of one peak to the other. On his way sliding, he performs somersault, "flying" imitation and some other postures. A performance of which is hailed symbolic of bravery of the Yandang people.

Called the "Tablet Grotto in the Yandang Mountain", the Dragon-Nose Cave counts a collection of about 80 carved inscriptions of the past generations, a spot of which, attracts mostly the literati and man of letters.

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