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Mount. Yandang

The Wild Goose Lake

"UP there over the mountain there is a lake. It's 10 li (5 squre kilo-meters) around with waters that never dry. It's the home of the wild goose.

A historical notes indicates a lake, the Wild Goose Lake from which, the mountain got its name: Yandang. The name evokes a feeling of nostalgia, and now, the lake has become a lost dream. From which year the lake got dried no one knows, leaving there the same sunrise and sunset with the same rhythms of the wind. However, the dream seekers still find some waters there. The water of the Big Western Waterfall (Xida Pu), the water of the Rainy Waterfall (Meiyu Pu); and the palm leaves remain green yet in front of the Stone-Beam Cave (Shiliang Dong). Standing on the spot, you'll find the landscape still beautiful, and you yourself, will feel that you are being harmonious with the nature...

The Wild Goose Hill is the "cradle of the Yandang Mountain". In the old days, there was a marsh on the top of the hill. The marsh full of reeds (in Chinese we call it Luwei Dang) used to be the home of wild geese (we call it Da Yan) gathered here in autumn. Hense, the name of "Yandang". "The Sunrise at the Wild Goose Marsh" and "the Cloudy Wild Goose Marsh" are considered the best two scenic views here.

Xiansheng Gate

Two precipitious rocks setting face to face are called a "gate" in the Yandang Mountian area, and there are dozens of them, among which, the Wonder-Displaying Gate (Xiansheng Men) is the best known.Two rocks rising vertically as two hundred meters high but between them, there is only a few steps in distance. So cloudy and misty during the daytime and night, the "gate" is titled "First Gate under Heaven".
A sharp contrast that would make people feel dizzy and overwhelming while one stood on top of ii. Ii's an extraordinary experience. Meanwhile, two brooks by the rock sides meandering around, may softly comfort you in some way. It's just like Yuji, a concubine of Mars Soft and strong, sometimes contribute the matter we called beauty.

Apart from the "gate" and the brooks, there are some other scenic spots in this area that are worth visiting. A series of Taoist-related spots; a group of archways that are very rare cultural heritages in the region and so on, all of which enhance the attractiveness of this scenic district.

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