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Mount. Yandang


Xianqiao, the lmmortal Bridge Scenic District in the north end of the Yandang Mountain is said to be a place where a lengendary immortal Wang Zijin had flown by on his crane. Thus a lot of spois related with this immortal Wang can be found in this district. Namely, the lmmortal Bridge, lmmortal Pavilion, Immortal Cave and the Flute Peak so on and so forth.

Within an area of about 100 square kilometers, the scenic disirict seems soaked everywhere with a celecial atmosphere. As regarding to Buddhas, people feel venerated, to Gods, awesome, but to immortals, people feel dear. Since the immortals are the nearisi celetial beings to people.

The immortality is what pepole long for. An immortal, a sublimed spirrt that people create. Actually, there does exist a Shangri-la, if not a paradise on earth. Here, at Xianqiao, we find you the Shangri-la.

Yangjiao Dong(the Goat-Horn Cave Scenic strict)

An offshoot of the Yandang Mountain, Yangjiao Dong, the Goat-Horn Cave Scenic District is used to be called the Square Hill (Fangshan). An area with a strong sense of the Chinese ethnic religion and folkloric culture, the Goat-Horn features a group of Taoist caves and witchery build-ups, that owe mainly to an anonymous Taoist, the first settler here.

Composed of mainly two scenic spots, namely the Goat-Horn Cave and the Double Dragon Valley (Shuanglong Gu), this district is altogether no larger than 3 square kilometers. The smallest one in the Yandang Mountain Scenic Zone, however, it boasts almost every scenic aspects: peak, hill, cave, pond and waterfall and so on. On the otherhand, this is the area that is near the East China Sea. And the sea tells even more.

Though it is small. It's small for beauty sake. For beauty sake, this offshoot windows out a miniature of the Yandang Mounain.

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