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Mount. Yandang

In talking about the Yandang Mountain tour, people would summarize in such a way: "It's a real wonder in the world, and a remarkable beauty by the sea". This, is no exageration at all. As one of among the first group of the National Scenic Zones declared by the State Council, Mt. Yandang is the very one that features a characteristic of both mountainious and maritime beauty.

Born of the sea, carved, eroded, kissed by the sea, Mt. Yandang also intends to show her maritime tenderness at the Yueqing Bay.

And by the sea, you enjoy a lot of seafood. A rare "fragrant fish" produced at the river's mouth, plus the Dragon-pool Green Tea, the Guanyin Bamboo, Jinxing Grass and Shanlegong (a small bird that sings soundly), are the "Five Treasures" of the Yandang Mountain. Besides, the wood-carving of Huangyang, the straw waving, the red-flesh apricot and the bottle-gourd pear, are all the famous local products.

Due to its location of far-away and uneasy access, Mt. Yandang "has been survived to keep her nature of remote antiquity" (a remark by Fang Bao, a prose writer in the Qing Dynasty 1644-1911). But it was the case past. The airlines have reached Wenzhou for years; the Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway project has been recently fulfilled. Bridges span the rivers and huge ships paddle up and down the sea, and a high-way connecting Wenzhou and Taizhou will be soon accompIished. These modern transportations and communications will surely shorten the distance from Yandang to the outside world. Now, to reach Yandang becomes easy. Everyone of every nationality in the world, the old man and kids alike, would be welcomed at any time, to be a traveler or tourist to Mt. Yandang if he (she) would like to.

The accommodations are ready. There are an available number of hotels and motels there in the mountain's reception center, a small town called Xianglintou. Either luxury, or standard, or the economic class rooms are suitable to meet the very need. The romantic scenes of the "single-beamed bridge" and "the humble hut", has gone ever with the wind.

Maybe, one feels no longer lonely while here. It's a pity? However, to be a great mountain, Yandang has enough enticements and her beauty will remain and last for long.

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