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The West Lake

The mention of the Tale of the white Snake in the foregoing indicates that for those who know something about Chinese culture, the West Lake is something of a dream. Apart from its dream-like beauty, the West Lake is also associated with so many other dream-like tales, such as the well-known Butterfly Lovers, the Legends about Lord Ji, the Story about Li Huiniang, as well as legends about such famous men of letters as Ge Hong, Lin Hejing, and Wu Changshuo. Just as Yu Qiuyu, a well-known prose writer, has it, the West Lake is a " lake that belongs to culture".

My brief introduction may give you some idea about the saying that the West Lake has so many beautiful thing to offer that you can simply not take them all in. What this tiny pictorial album presents is merely a corner of the West Lake through the eyes of Zhang Keqing, a photographer from Hangzhou. Zhang's perspective of the West Lake, no matter how limited, serves to mirror the three-dimensional beauty of the lake. Such beauty, if interpreted according to your imagination, can conjure up a perfect picture of the famed West Lake.

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