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Beihai, World's Earliest Royal Garden

Shanyin Hall

South of the White Pagoda on Jade Flower Islet is the Yong'an Temple of Lamaism. The Shanyin Hall, a structure of glazed tiles in imitation of wood, is 4.4 meters wide. The round upper part is topped with a roof of copper tiles and a gilt ball. On the four sides of the square lower part there are 445 Buddhist statues of glazed tiles

Bronze Dew Plate

It is placed on a white stone terrace on the northern side of Jade Flower Islet guarded by white marble balusters. A bronze immortal perches on top of a stone pillar ornamented with a. twining dragon and holds with his hands the dew plate. It is said during the Qing Dynasty the emperor often used the dew collected in the plate to brew his medicine.

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