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The Yellow Mountains --- a Marvel of Natural Beauty

Cloud Valley Temple Scenic Area

Flowers in the Yellow Mountains

Since the climate changes vertically in the Yellow Mountains, the flowers here take turns blossoming during all the four seasons. Goddess Flower is rarely seen elsewhere and Yellow Mountains' Azelea is famous in China. Camellia is white and red, Spring Heralding Flower has silver petals with purple brim and Mountain Yinghua Flower is cerise. There are also Greem Plum, Small Orchid, Lily and Winter Jasmine growing in the Yellow Mountains. Even in winter when the mountains are covered with snow, Mountain Wintersweets still blossom at the North Sea 1600m. above sea level, which is trully a sight of wonder.

Telpher from the Cloud Valley Temple to White Goose Ridge

From the Cloud Valley Temple (890m. above sea level) in the Yellow Mountains to the White Goose Ridge at the east end of North Sea there runs a passenger telpher with a hypotenuse of 2803.96m. and a difference of 772.80m. between the two termini up and low. It is the longest running cable car in Asia. The cable car carries 40 persons at a time. One way trip takes eight minutes while it takes one four hours to reach from the cloud Valley Temple to the White Goose Ridge on foot.

There are ten huge characters caved on the Standing Horse Peak (also called Green Phoenix Peak) which means: on the Standing Horse Peak, one commands a distant view of the East Sea and overlooks the nearby Taiping County. No visitor leaves unimpressed by the awe-inspiring huge stone inscription.

Love Birds

The Yellow Mountains lie on an important route of migrating birds. In early spring or late autumn large groups of red- billed leiothrix comming from afar like to make a stop - over here. These rare love birds pair off wing to wing and sing joyously. If left alone a single bird looks lovesick and won't sing any more. Some are exported abroad by pairs. Other rare birds include the silver pheasant and the Bayinniao (the octave-tone bird) which are generally known as the Yellow Mountains musician.

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