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Ice and Snow Fairyland

On the eve of the new millennium, a 10,000-people dance will be shown there. Tourists, singers and film stars will get together for a carnival. When the bell of the new century is sounded, fireworks will be set off and colorful lanterns lit up. Two hundred "snow princesses" and a beautiful girl wearing silver clothing and corolla will present the year of 2000.
The second district is named Happy Square, a world for young people. They can take part in exciting and astounding sports, including skiing, skating, snowfield motorcycling and ice yachting. In addition, they can have football match on the ice and snow ground.

The third district is the adventure amusement ground and a place for young people to make adventures and challenge the nature. Of the recreational programs are-iceberg cable-way, ice rock, snow rock climbing and ice sliding. The courageous will enjoy themselves greatly by taking part in these events.

The fourth district is the world of cartoon or the children's world. Within the district there are colored ice world of animal sculptures, the world under the sea, the paradise of fairy tales, ice labyrinth and mysterious ancient castle. Children can play a variety of interesting games accompanied by cartoon characters and small animals.

On the eve of the new century, visitors can taste specially made chocolate ice cream in huge bowls which will leave an eternal memory of the new era.

All the four districts have ice and snow sculptures of houses, in which visitors can relax, get some warm and buy cold and hot drinks, snacks and souvenirs.

On December 31, CCTV will broadcast the whole celebration live and let people of other places enjoy the happiness presented by China's ice city.

The sponsor said that this activity and the eight-week display will attract 1 million to 1.5 million tourists.

It is very convenient to travel to Harbin by train or plane. Local travel agencies will attange special trains and chartered planes to Harbin. The modern Harbin International Airport has more than 30 flights a day, including eight international flights to Japan, the Republic of Korea, Southeastern Asia.

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