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"I'm from Henan"

While we were having lunch in the Zhengzhou International Hotel, Zhang Yibing, deputy Editor-in-Chief of "Henan Tourism Magazine" told us an interesting story about Kris Brenner, a middle-aged American woman. While she was in Henan for a one-year study tour, Kris gave herself a Chinese name "Jin Taiyang" (golden sun). One day, while learning Taijiquan from her teacher Chen Qingzhou in a village in Wenxian County at the bank of the Yellow River, she had a quarrel with her teacher which drew crowds to look on. In anger, she wanted to tell her teacher that she would stop the teacher-student relationship. But at a loss for words, she said in Chinese "I want to divorce you", which aroused laughter from the crowds.

"What happened later?" I asked curiously. "That's merely a small interlude", said Zhang, "actually, the teacher and the student have been on very good terms". Jin Taiyang now has finished here apprenticeship and become the director and a coach of the first American Branch of the Wenxian County international Association of Taijiquan, and enjoys high reputation in the US.

It so happened that just at the moment of our conversation, a fair haired and blue-eyed western lady turned up. She is Jin Taiyang. She told us that she was having a short stay in Zhengzhou before going back to US for a visit of her family.

She looks a typical western woman, natural, easy-going and talkative. But when talking about her past, she looked a bit sad. She told us that when she was in US, her husband left her, which made her very sad. "I've lost interest in material things like money and car", she said. In order to seek the harmony in life, she came to China and became the 47th student of Chen Qingzbou, who is the nineteenth generation successor of the Chen Family Taijiquan. Talking about her teacher, she said: "As my teacher is a member of the Communist Party of China and I'm an American woman, It's only natural there are clashes between us. But these clashes caused by two different cultures are interesting".

A television station in Henan plans to produce a TV series featuring Jin Taiyang's experiences in China and has invited her to act herself. She has not decided yet whether to receive the invitation. "It is said that in the drama I have a boy friend, which is not true to life. I don't like to act someone who is not myself". She said after back to China in June, she would like to talk the matter over again with the television company. When people asked her what is her place of origin, she replied without hesitation: "I'm from Henan", adding "I love the place so much".

When I returned to the hotel, I read Jin Taiyang's name card once again and found it carries a Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate, which is a symbol of Taoism, and the address reads "Xulu Village, Linzhao Township, Wenxian County, Henan, China".

"I'm from Henan", these words of a woman from the other side of the Pacific can tell the charm of the Yellow River .

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