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Caishi Island and Swan Lake

On the Shandong Peninsula, the landscapes of Caishi (colored stone) Island on the southeast of Yandunjiao Village near Rongcheng City's Madao Town and Chengshanwei Swan Lade are relatively unknown. Other attractions include Penglai Pavilion, Changshan Islands and Yantai's beaches in the province.

Caishi Island has Shidao Harbor in the south and faces the Yellow Sea to the east. Across the bay is Chengshantou National Tourist Zone. Located at a middle latitude, it belongs to the temperate monsoon humid climate with four clear seasons and mean temperature of 12C;. Pleasant weather and beautiful landscapes are ideal for sightseeing, summer holiday-making and recuperation.

It will cost you 18 yuan to take the mini-bus from Yantai's long-distance bus station to Madao Town.

On the first day you can walk for ten minutes or take a special bus directly from the town's Jintai Hostel to the island. Every winter from November to March due to the rising tide, a large number of swans can be seen here, adding charm and vigor to the island.

Early morning on the second day, you can go to the seashore and enjoy the beach when the tide is out. History has honored the island as one of the eight scenes of Rongcheng and it is known at home and abroad for is beauty, steep gradients and interesting shape. The island's red, orange, yellow, white and black stones complement each other and form various lines in natural patterns. They can look like characters, animals, rivers and mountains or whatever you perceive them to represent.

Later, you can take the Madao Town-Longxu Island mini-bus for three yuan to the Chengshanwei Swan Vacationing Village has various levels of accommodation and has a variety of recreational facilities. Especially in summer, tourists are in large numbers. This place is the best scenic spot to watch swans.

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