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The Beautiful Historic Town--Tongli

Tongli Town is located by the Grand Canal and the Taihu Lake with 18 Kilometer away from Suzhou. 6 Kilometer from Wujiang and 80 kilometer from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. As an ancient town with more than 1000 years history and very convenient transportation, Tongli features typically the water county of South China. There are 5 lakes surround Tongli from outside, and inside, the town is divided into 15 small islands by more than 10 rivers. However, the islands are connected by more than 40 various style stone bridges which built in different dynasties.

Tongli is famous for her small bridges, running water, households and the fame as the "Venice" of the East in the world, and was given the reputation of natural outdoor film studio by movie and TV circles. In 1981 and 1982 Tongli was ratified as one of the thirteen national standard tour towns of Taihu Lake region and the sole provincial standard cultural relic protection town of Jiangsu Province successively, and was ratified as the first batch of famous historical and cultural town of Jiangsu Province in 1995. Now, there are many imposing dwellings and spacious courtyards and building of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and 35 cultural relic protection spots in Tongli.

With its long history, cultural background and abundant products, there are a lot of famous persons and Number One Scholar who come from Tongli, and the Min cake, smoke fish, meat dumpling, chestnut kernel, steamed meat bread and so on are well-known food of Tongli which have enjoyed high reputation. Directed by the overall plan of "protecting ancient town, developing tourist resource and economy", one garden, two halls, three bridges and Tongli Lake holiday have been formed and the T-shaped river course, Ming and Qing dynasties' streets, the Pearl Tower, some temples and former residences are under renewal. We are sure that the ancient town-Tongli will attract you, will show you its remarkable achievements.

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