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Yangtze River Three Gorges Tour

Red Cliff (Chibi)
The Red Cliff is situated on the middle reach of the Yangtze River, about 38 kilometres from the northwest of Puqi city. It is an important scenic spot of the ancient Three Kingdoms tour and Three Gorges Tour.

The Ancient Red Cliff Battle is very famous for its "few defeat many, and the weak defeat the strong" at home and abroad. The Red Cliff includes three parts-- Chibi Hill, Nanpin Hill and Jinluan Hill. The Chibi Hill faces the Yangtze river in the north. The two characters "Chibi" (Red Cliff) are clearly carved in it. At the top of the hill stand the "Yijiang Pavilion" and a huge stone statue of Zhou Yu, chief commander of Wu State. On the east of the hill stands the Museum of the Red Cliff battle which is the first museum based on ancient battles in China.

Wanxian is a small mountainous city. It is known as the "Gateway to the Eastern Sichuan Province". Wanxian is famed for its orange and tangerine crops.

Wu Gorge
Wu Gorge, 44 kilometers long, is known for its deep valley and quiet beauty. The "Twelve Peaks" lining the banks of Wu Gorge, have been admired by visitors from all over the world. It is said that if you look carefully, a silhouette of a goddess can be seen at the top of Goddess Peak.

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