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Yangtze River Three Gorges Tour

Qutang Gorge
The Qutang Gorge, known for its magnificence, is only 8 kilometers long with many scenic spots such as, the Meng Liang Staircase, the ancient Plank road, the Kui Gate, the Seven Gate Cave, the Bellows Gorges, and the Rhinoceros Watching the Moon.

Xiling Gorge
Xiling Gorge, extending 66 kilometers in length, is composed of many scenic spots such as, "Military Manual and Precious Sword Gorge", "Ox's Live and Horse's Lung Gorge", "Kongling Shoal" and "Shadow-play Gorge". Among the cultural relics in the gorge are "Huangling Temple" and the "Three Travellers Cave".

Yichang, a modern city, is situated at the entrance of Xiling Gorge. It was formerly a place contested by warlords and a battle field of the "Yiling War" in the Three Kingdoms Period. On the outskirts of the city, there are the splendid Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project, Three Traveller's Cave, Taohua Village (Village of Peach Blossom). Research Institute of Chinese Sturgeon, Ruins of Ancient Fortress, etc. The craft of Painted Pottery is well-known for its distinguishing feature.

Wuhan is an important city in the central part of China. as an important hub of north-south, west-east water and land communications, it is considered "a passageway to nine provinces". Among scenic spots in the city are "Yellow-crane Tower", "The Guiyuan Temple" and "the East Lake".

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