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Tour to Snowcovered Guandong

Jilin City features a quite different winter view. The S - shape Songhua River which runs through the city proper is not frozen in winter, drawing crowds of fishing - lovers trying their luck and flocks of birds playing with the icy water. Vapors rise from the river and fall on the weeping willows on the banks, turning the twigs into beautiful "rime flowers" . The five - kilometer - long banks are turned into a silver fairyland, where the annual Jilin Rime Festival has been held. During the night, thousands of river lamps turn the river into a "milky way", where colorfully - decorated boats are gliding past under a sky lit up by fireworks. Options include go skiing at the Qingshan Ski Resort, Zhuqueshan Ski Resort, and Beishan Ski Resort in the suburbs, where national skiing events have been held.

Latest tourist developments are adding charm to the snow - covered landscape of Guandong. In Jingyue (clean moon) Pool National Scenic Area in Changchun, an entertainment - oriented ski resort bas held its first ice and snow festival. Tonghua City has become known as the "home of Chinese skiing". Ice lantern shows have also been held in Dalian, the most beautiful beach - side city in the north-east.

For hunting lovers, it is also a wise choice to go to Guandong, with the opening of the Taoshan Hunting Ground in Heilongjiang and the Lushuihe Hunting Ground in Jilin to overseas tourists. One can first take a rest in a warm cozy cottage before being led by a professional hunting guide to forests inhabited by black bear, deer, fox, pheasant, and hare. With a good luck and a crack shot one can surely bring back with him a stuffed animal made of the quarry by a skillful expert, to fill up his private museum.

It is in the vast snow - covered farmland and mountain villages in Guandong that tourists hope to meet the Chinese Santa Claus and rediscover the dream of childhood. A tour in winter coincides with several Chinese festivals, such as the "Miner New Year", Spring Festival, and Lantern Festival. As a tradition, during the Miner New Year, which falls on December 23 of the Lunar Calendar, local farmers will clean their rooms, and slaughter pigs and sheep to offer to the Kitchen God in hope that he returns to Heaven happily. The pious grandmothers will make maltose as a sacrificial offering to the Kitchen God in return for good blessings. Actually, it is usually the grandchildren who eat the maltose.

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