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Tour to Snowcovered Guandong

The New Year holiday, Spring Festival and Lantern Festival are the most exciting moments. As a celebration, the people of the Manta ethnic group will hang a string of red lanterns in the courtyard. Under the lantern post, there is usually a terrace built specially for putting maize or millet to draw birds to come and sing. The whole family will be mobilized to make steamed buns of sugar and bean stuff ing. The cooked buns will be frozen before being buried in the snow, enough to be eaten until spring comes. For the Han people, their way of celebration include hanging New Year Paintings and antithetical couplets on walls and doors, making paper cuttings to put on windows, and making dumplings. The Koreans will decorate their rooms and make New Year cakes. At this moment of the time, if one has a chance to sit in a warm farmer's house family, warmth will fill his heart.
Tourist activities also include watching local festive activities such as dragon lantern dance, lion dance, and land boat performance. It is also a good idea to take a tour on horse-drawn and dog-drawn sledges and on ox cart, or join in Yangge dancing.

Many who have traveled to Guandong say that the further northward they went, the colder the weather, but the warmer they felt. They also say that the most splendid scenery lies beyond the Great Wall. Seeing is believing. You can make a trip to Guandong in winter yourself.

Jilin Province-- China's Cradle of Skiing

Jilin Province in the central part of northeast China has an area of 187.4 thousand square km. It is located at 40`52'N - 46`18'N and 121`13'E - 131`19'E in the middle latitudinal region of the Northern Hemisphere, with distinct change in seasons. The accumulated snow in winter can reach a depth of 40-50 cm in the mountain areas and about 20 cm on the plains. In the eastern mountain areas, the frost-free season lasts only about 120 days while the snows season is long. In recent years, some alpine ski experts from France and Canada paid visits to Jilin and after investigations highly appreciated the natural ice and snow conditions, praising the local snow quality and winter temperature as superb for developing tourist skiing activities.

Jilin Province is the cradle of skiing in China. The Jilin municipal skiing team formed in February in the country. The First National Skiing Meeting was held in Tonghua City, Jilin Province, in February 1957. Since then, dozens of national winter skiing competitions have been held in the province. Skiing enjoys great popularity among the people of Jilin. According to statistics, some 55 cities and administrative units throughout China have launched the modern skiing sport, of which 27, i.e. about one half of the total, are in Jilin.

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