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Tour to Snowcovered Guandong

After years of construction and development, Jilin's skiing tour facilities have gradually improved, and a service system with standard competition skiing grounds as the main components and tourists' skiing resorts as supplements has taken a preliminary shape. At present, there are four standard skiing grounds for competitions and one for training.

1. The Jilin Beidahu skiing ground is located in 59 km south of Jilin City and can be reached by a first grade two-track highway. The average temperature there in winter is -10.2¡æ. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides, so the wind is weak, sometimes almost quiet. The snowfall period lasts from the end of October to late April, giving about five months for skiing. Three alpine skiing tracks with a total length of 8,046 metres have been constructed at a site 1,404.8 metres above sea level with relevant height difference ranging from 850 metres to 506 metres. Five alpine double-seat or tri-seat ski tows, totalling 6,041.5 metres long can transport as many as 3,300 people per hour. In addition, a 10 km cross-country skiing track is built, there is also a 900 metre illuminated skiing track, 70-meter and 40-meter grade jumping and free style jumping platforms. A comprehensive service building, installed with 400 IDD telephones, can accommodate 400 people.

2. The Jilin Songhua Lake skiing ground locates in 25 km south of Jilin City which enjoys convenient convenientcommunication. its average temperature in winter is -8¡æ and a skiing season about four months long. Its alpine skiing track is 2,950 metres long, at a site 934.2 meters above sea level with relevant height difference of 500 metres. It has a corresponding alpine single-seat ski tow of 1,774 metres. It has also a 5 km long cross-country skiing track for beginners, and cable cars which can transport 1,800 people per hour. Besides, there are rainbow sledge, coffee room, recreation room, restaurant, department store and other facilities.

3. The Changbaishan Plateau Training Base is located on the northern slope of the famous Mt. Changbaishan, 182 km from Antu County. Its average temperature in winter is -13.7¡æ, Mt. Changbaishan enjoys excellent natural conditions with the maximum annual and daily snowfall as well as snow-covered days. The snow-accumulated period can last 258 days and the skiing ground can be used for seven months during the year. Two alpine skiing tracks totalling 3,000 metres have been built at a site 1,700 metres above sea level, with relevant height difference of 130 metres. Two corresponding single-seat ski tows measured 600 metres in length.There are also a 10 km cross-country skiing track and a 50-meter grade jumping platform. The snow pack has an athletes village, the Du Juan Hotel and other services, besides recreational facilities such as the comprehensive training hall, hot spring swimming pool and skating rink are also available.

4. The Tonghua Jinchang skiing ground is located in 15 km southwest of Tonghua City and is convenient in communication. Its average temperature in winter is -11¡æ and its skiing season is about skiing tracks, totaling 3,000 metres, are 1,206 metres above sea level with relevant height difference of 756 metres. The corresponding single-seat ski tow extends 1,400 metres. It is equipped with a 50-metre grade jumping platform and a 5 km cross-country skiing track. Services are provided for accommodation and recreation. The city of Tonghua possesses the only skiing museum in China.

5. The Changchun Jingyuetan Skiing ground is located in 8 km southeast of Changchun City in the Jingyuetan Holiday Resort Communication is very convenient. The skiing ground is 2.5 km long and 4 metres wide. This is an ideal place for recreation by skiing since it gets plenty of snow, generally 20-40cm in winter.

In addition to the above-mentioned skiing resorts, Jilin Province has a number of well-equipped facilities and excellent sites like those in North-hill Park and Longtanshan Park for the enjoyment of tourists and beginners in skiing.

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