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Siguniang (Four Girls) Mountains

Siguniang (Four Girls) Mountains Scenic Area is situated in Xiaojin County of the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China. It was listed as the National Scenic Resort in 1994 and as the National Nature Reserve in 1996. The area consists of Mt. Siguniang, Mt.Balang and Changping, Haizi, Shuangqiao gulleys, covering an area of 2,000 sq km. Featuring primitive ecological condition and exquisite scenery, the area is reputed to be the Queen of Sichuan's Mountains and the Oriental Alps Mountain. It is also a center of attention for scientists.

Mt. Siguniang encompassing 4 peaks perennially covered with snow soars high with maximun 6,2500 m above sea level in the northwest of Western Sichuan Plain. There exist the remains of glaciers formed in the remote antiquity and vertical distribution of vegetation and rare wildlife. Additionally, there are Mt. Wuse (Five colors), Lieren (Hunter) Peak, Laoying (Eagle) Cliff, Mt.Niuxin(Ox's Heart), which are shrouded in clouds and mists the year round, presenting an atmosphere of a fairyland.

Mt. Balang

Mt.Balang stands 5,040 m above sea level between the Wolong Nature Reserve and Rilong Town of Xiaojin County.Here is the only way which must be passed leading up to Mt. Siguniang. The high mountain and deep gulley is veiled in the boundless sea of clouds. A road runs zigzag up. Seeing all this, one feels as if he were in a fairyland.

Guozhuang Terrace

Guozhuang (a Tibetan folk dance) Terrace sits between Changping and Haizi gulleys, covering an area of 1 sq km. Locals gather here after making a pilgrimage to the mountain every year to hold rituals and celebrations and perform Guozhuang dance, offering a scene of bustle and excitement.

Haizi Gulley

Haizi (Lake) Gulley is 19.2 km long with an area of 126.48 sq km. The gulley contains a dozen plateau lakes, such as Multi-colored Lake, White Lake, Blue Lake, Yellow Lake. In these lakes, the water is so clear that one can see the bottom and briskly swimming fish. People feel completely relaxed and happy at the scene.

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