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Siguniang (Four Girls) Mountains

Changping Gulley

Changping (Long Terrace) Gulley is 29 km long with an area of 100 sq km. In the gulley, there are ancient cypress tree-lined roads, lamaseries, grotesque crags, waterfalls dashing from on high and other wonderful views.

Shuangqiao Gulley

Shuangqiao (Double Bridges) Gulley is 34.8 km long with an area of 216.6 sq km. The gulley is flat with brooks flowing crisscross murmuring. The slopes are densely covered by primitive forest. Dozens of mountains including Mt. Wuse, Lieren Peak thrust themselves towards the sky, some like rhinoceros looking at the moon, some like lion roaring, all with different postures and colors, presenting a likeness both in shape and spirit.

Folk customs and culture

In the scenic area, Shidiaolou (stone constructed building) in which Jiarong Tibetan people live generation after generation. Jiarong people's splendid ethnic costumes and ornaments, solumn rituals, melodious folk songs and cheerful dances form the touching picture scrolls of local conditions customs.

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