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Mysterious Kalong Gully in Northern Sichuan

Heishui County in northern Sichuan Province has become noted for the mysterious Kalong Gully. Early this spring, three tour guides from Everbright Travel Service and I made a survey of the gully.

Zhezhutan Falls
We set off early in the morning from Maoxian County, and arrived at Kalong town in Heishui County in the afternoon. As soon as we parked our car in front of the Kalong Guesthouse, rain began pouring down. The weather is very changeable here. The next day, we headed for Kalong Gully. On our way, we could see snow-capped mountains in the distance. As Sichuan is down in south China, we were excited at seeing the snow scenes here, and could not wait to climb the mountains.

We arrived at the entrance to the gully at about 8:30. In front of us there were dense primeval forests clothing the mountains and ravines. Entering the scenic area. We found plank roads built along the sides of cliffs and a number of multi-colored ponds. White clouds floated in the blue sky.

We soon reached a stretch of dense forest, where we walked on soft moss and carpets of pine needles.

On leaving the forest we spotted a glacier not far away. The light-blue icicles looked like glittering gemstones inlaid on the cliffs. Not far from the glacier is located a karst cave called Fairy Cave, the entrance of which is wreathed in mist. Water drips from the roof, like a curtain of pearls.

Two giant salamanders were swimming leisurely in a stream flowing from the cave. They did not try to escape when we touched them, showing how harmonious the relations between man and nature are here.

It is a pity that we could not see all the scenic spots here because of our tight schedule. But we paid a visit to a Tibetan village in the afternoon. There were colorful streamers on the mountain slopes and around the village. We learned that this is a tradition showing the local people's reverence for the mountain gods, and their respect for nature. The Tibetan village and other villages, pastures and rivers nearby present unique scenery and embody special cultural connotations as well.

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