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Taihu Fairy Islands

Taihu Fairy Islands, originally named as Sanshan (Three Mounts) Islands, are located amidst Taihu Lake, about 2.6 km away from Yuantou Zhu (Turtle-Head Isle), covering a total area of 2 hectares. Across the lake, the Three Mounts look like celestial turtles lying quietly on water surface; the unique and beautiful scenery made the place famous far and near. Nowadays numerous elaborately designed and built classic Chinese architectures have added the charm to this scenic spot, and enriched the traditional cultural connotation of the place. Thus it becomes a fairyland, full of wonders and marvels.

Tourists can cross the lake by pleasure-boat to land on the island , and successively visit the Memorial Archway of Taihu Fairy Islands, the White Marble Screen Wall of the Jade Emperor Tour the Heavens, the Hill of Flowers and Fruits, and Water Screened Cave, where you see monkeys, perhaps you will play with these lovely creatures and watch them show off their skills. Then you stride across the Bridge to Meet Immortals, and walk up the stairs leading to the South Heavenly Gate, where you roam around Tiandu Xianfu (Heavenly Paradise and Immortal Place ), and listen to the ancient music played on traditional Chinese instruments. Probably young people prefer to tour the Temple of the God of Matchmaker, and the Pavilion of Affectionate Couples. Or you choose to stroll along the Heavenly Street, to buy and have a taste of goods that are "immortal"; or you would rather like to step into Lingxiao Palace and worship the supreme Jade Emperor and pay respects to the civil and military Lords of His Majesty. Here you may also enjoy seeing Fresco of Yongle Palace. Then get up to the Taiyi Temple of Heaven, to admire the garrison treasure of the Three Mounts-Taiyi Immortal Pill-Making Stove. Dajue Bay and Immortal Cave are two musts for Tourists since they represent the essence of grotto arts.

Leisurely wandering around the area, you are fresh-minded, more elegant, somewhat unearthly, healthy and youthful as well. A tour to the islands will surely bring you great joy.

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