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Exploring "the Sea of Death"

Because of her good preparations, Carla was not afraid. What worried her most was water shortage and the prospect of straying off course if she lost her compass. But when she thought she would become the first woman to walk through the second largest desert in the world, she would become more confident again.
"A real exploration is not simply a challenge against nature, but a process of getting used to the environment," she said.

"The Taklamakan Desert is not much different from other deserts, but the grains of sand there are very big and I wasn't comfortable with my shoes at the beginning. It took me a few days to get used to it, and when I reached the heart of the desert, I found the sand both white and fine, which was rare. I was fascinated by its beautiful and changing views." She was obviously still excited as she recalled her unforgettable experience.

Though Carla is already in her fifties and looks thin, she has, together with her husband, a doctor and a film producer, explored many places of the world, and they have accomplished some important ethnographic investigation projects.

Carla has also walked alone in the Tenere Desert in Niger, and made her trip to the Salan de Uyuni salt lake, 3,653 meters above sea level, in the Andes in Bolivia.

Carla expressed her gratitude to the young Chinese explorer Yu Chunshun. As she was about to start the trip, she heard the news in Beijing that Yu had died when exploring Lop Nur in the same desert. She was very sorry about his death, and decided to dedicate her exploration to the young man. After she finished the exploration, the young man's father, Yu Jinshan. met Carla in Aksu . Then on Nov. 23, at a press conference in Beijing, Carla presented ten pictures she took in the desert to Yu Jinshan.

Seventy-year-old Yu Jinshan said he would walk 120.000 kilometers in the next six to seven years to fulfill his son's wish.

After conquering the Sea of Death. Carla has set out her next destination, the Australian Desert. "I plan to walk through deserts in all continents of the world," the ambitious ltalian woman declared.

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