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People's Square

The People's Square is situated in the center of Shanghai city proper and the south side of People`s Park. The total area is nearly 13 hectares, it is the political, cultural, commercial center and the hub of traffic.

In the past, here was large stretch of cement land, the installation was simple and crude. After reconstruction, the People's Boulevard was broadened, the greenery area was expanded from the originally occupying 20% land to 70% land. Taking the Municipal Government Mansion as the axis, newly opened a large central square-- Light of Huangpu River square between the Mansion and the Shanghai Museum. The People's Square establishes large musical light dry fountain and 'Shanghai Domain' view, and also constructs 'Rising Sun', 'Bright Moon' sub-squares, lays the ground with colored granite, patches with various garden lights decoration, artistic sculptures and large antique copper-carved and multi-colored earthen bowls. At the surrounding of road side and greenery land, it establishes various chairs unconventional in modelling. The underground of the Peoples's Square has the People's Square Station of Shanghai No.1 Line Metro with large parking place.

The reconstruction of the people's Square combines the flavour of Chinese traditional culture with the modern city in one, expands the function suitable for use, increases the sight-seeing function, let Shanghai glow with youthful vitality.

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