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National Forest Park

Golden Whip Peak

The Golden Whip Peak is 350m high, thick in the lower part thin in the upper and sharp on the top, like a long whip sticking into the ground. As the legend goes the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty drove mountains here to fill in the sca. He was found by the Dragon King of the East Sea, who sent his daughter to stop him. The girl enchanted the emperor with her beauty and replaced his magic whip. When the emperor found out he was defrauded, he abandoned the worthless whip on the spot which then turned into this peak.

Golden Whip Stream

This 5,700m-long stream is named after the Golden Whip Rock, for it flows past the rock. It winds its way between precipitous cliffs and peaks. In the valley there is luxuriant foliage. The stream water is clear all the year round. This place has been referred to as "a gallery of landscape" and "the paradise in the world". A poem written about the scenery here reads: "The clear stream winds green mourntains, / The valley is a gallery and the traveller a celestial being. / When celestial beings walk in the gallery, / With each step they take the scene changes."

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