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Jiuhua Mountain

Culture of Jiuhua Mountain

The monks studied both Buddhism and Chinese literature. Scripture of Earth Buddha written by Jin Qiaojue was chanted by later buddhists. Monks Shen Ying, Ying Wu, Leng Ran and Qi Ji were all poets in the Tang Dynasty. In the Song Dynasty Monk Qing Su held Jiuhua Poets Association, and Monk Xi Tan compiled Jiuhua Collection of poems.

Many famous poets and artists have visited Jiuhua Mountain, including Li Bai, Liu Yuxi, Du Mu, Mei Yaochen, Wang Anshi, Wen Tianxiang, Tang Xianzu, Zhang Daqian. Some of their authentic works of painting and calligraphy remain today, and are preserved in Jiuhua Museum of Buddhism Relics.

Among the cultural relics, there are many stone carved reproduction of inscription, scattered along the way from Minyuan Garden to Tiantai Platform. Most inscriptions are related to Buddhism. Some stone tablets which record the building of the temples support the research of the history of Buddhism at Jiuhua Mountain. Buddhism Chops are a distinguished feature of the mountain, such as Nine-dragon Golden Chop, Nine-dragon Bronze Chop, Lion-button Bronze Chop, Dragon-button Bronze Chop and Nine-lion Jade Chop. Buddhist scriptures are important relics. Three from the Qing Dynasty, the statues, instruments and temples are all priceless.

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