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Jiuhua Mountain

Customs of Residents

The monks and nuns usually chant scriptures in the morning and evening. Their daily life varies with the size of the temple or nunnery. At a small one they lead their daily life and do Buddhist service in the same place. In a big one they live according to the beating of bell, drum and other Buddhism instruments. They accommodate travelling monks or nuns. If any of them broke the rule, he would be driven out of the temple. Their life is simple. They wear clothes with many patches on, have vegetarian meals, sleep in bed simply made of a board and two supports. They also work in the fields in hot summer, sit in meditation at cold winter nights.

July 30 of lunar calendar is the birthday of Earth Buddha, and a Great Buddhist ceremony is held on this day. A large number of monks, nuns, pilgrims and visitors come to burn incense, chant, and sacrifice food. Colourful flags fill the mountain area. The activities of each year are different.

The celebration of Spring Festival by the residents at Jiuhua Mountain is very special. They celebrate it twice. On December 28 of lunar calendar, they eat all kinds of meat dishes, including chicken, duck and fish. On December 30 of lunar calendar, they burn incense to worship their ancestors. On Spring Festival, January 1 of lunar calendar, every family goes to Roushen Palace to worship Buddha. The vegetable dishes will be ended on January 3 of lunar calendar.

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