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Jiuhua Mountain

Historical Sites and Scenic Spots

Jiuhua Mountain is famous not only for its Buddhism relics, but also for its beautiful scenery. In an area of 120 square kilometres, it's full ol marvellous ridges and peaks, exotic-shaped stones, gushing fountains, flying waterfalls, and clear streams. Birds sing accompanying the beating of bell and drum. Fog and pines set each other off beautifully.

There are more than 30 peaks with an elevation of over 1000 metres. Many interesting stones offer travellers food
Guanyin Peak
for thought. The stone in shape of a roc listening to preaching was said to be a roc moved by the preaching and changed into a rock. Guanyin stone on Guanyin Peak, Wooden Fish stone on Shiwang Peak, stone Buddha, Buddha's Belly in Sunshine on Lotus Peak--all these stones got their names by their looks. There are lots of caves, too, where ancient monks had lived, such as Duiyun Cavc, Dichang Cave, Tiger Cave. Lion Cave, Huayan Cave, Longevity Cave, Flying-Dragon Cave, and Monk Cave.

Streams, fountains, pools, ponds and waterfalls enhance the charm of Jiuhua Mountain: Long, Piao, Shu, Cao, Lian, Lan and Jiuzhi Streams, Wulong, Bitaoyan, Zhuoying. Qibuquan, Baizhangjian, etc.

The representative scenic spots are: sunrise at Tiantai Platform, evening bell of Huacheng Temple, sitting on East Stone with pleasure, fairy mark of Tianzhu, Taoyan Waterfall, clouds around Lotus Peak, snow at Pinggang, moon reflected in Shu Pond, sound of Jiuzhi Spring, mountains at five streams, Longchi Waterfall, bamboos in Minyuan Garden, Ganlu Temple, Mokong Palace, flowers at Hua Platform, Lion Peaks, blue valley, Fish-and-Dragon Cave, and Phoenix Pine.

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