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The main area for appreciating stone forests used to be called Liziqing . It covers an area of 12 square kilometres (with about 1,200 mu visiting area). This area is composed of the Stone Forest Lake, Major Stone Forest, Minor Stone Forest and Plum Garden. The visiting range is 5,000 meters long. Among all the stone forests, Liziqing is the biggest and most beautiful scenic area. Entering the valley, you are promptly faced with stone posts, stone walls and peaks with a great variety of strange and beautiful shapes. Some stone posts are as high as 40-50 meters. Stones here are peculiar, as beautiful as paintings, which have attracted tourists from all over the world to come to appreciate each day; It is like a beautiful poem, which has ever since been read and chanted by numerous poets and writers; It is also endowed with intelligence and lives when looking at the' two birds passing food to each other', 'peacock dressing wings', 'rhinoceros watching the moon', stones resembling monks Tangseng, Wukong, Bajie and Shaseng, rocks imitating Budhisattva, a general and a soldier, and 'poet's chantign while walking' and 'Ashima', etc., which are all vivid and lively. Visitors marvel these wonderful and breathtaking spots. Except for imitated animals, there are many rocks resemblign plants such as'spring bamboo shoots after rain', lotus flowers' mushrooms', and 'jade hairpin flowers', etc. And there is a 'chime rock', which can produce many kinds of tunes. Liziqing is a huge art treasury of natural stone scenes, which allows visitors to come freely, inspect, explore and imagine. Inside the valley, there are paths turning through peaks, leeadign visitors to secluded spots, making tourists feel in a labyrinth of a celestial place and linger around with lots of applause and even forgot to return. Rsting places are provided in the valley with the constructions of some pavilions such as the Lion Pavilion, Watching-peak Pavilion, stone terraces and stone benches, etc.

The outside of the Major & Minor Stone Forests (namely, 'the Outer Stone Forest') is also densely distributed with fascinating landscape. The Outer Stone Forest refers to the scenic spots of the surrounding area out of the Major and Minor Stone Forests, which covers an area of dozens of li both in length and width. Many oddly-shaped peaks and grotesque rocks dot the wild ridges and barren hills covered by fresh flowers and green trees. These oddly-shaped stones are big and vivd. Visitors may experience another kind of interest and feelings when visiting the Outer Stone Forest with its lively environment and big scope of view. The stones are of different kinds of shapes, such as 'mother and son travel together', 'pulling clothes and draggign skirts', 'poet Suwu pasturing sheep', 'looking at hometown from a distance', 'Budhisattva', 'Monk Bajie', 'tiger and leopard', ¡®old castle', 'general's rock', etc., which allow visitors to imagine freely and arouse much more interest. Nearby the Bimu Pool, there is a 10-meter-high spectacular peak which is a dangerous cliff, thick on the upper part and thin on the lower. People call it'a tenthousand-year mushroom¡¯ or 'mushroom clouds'. It looks like mushroom clouds takign shapes from an exposion of an atomic bombard when watching it from a distance. This stone is very unique and spectacular. Among these lively stones, there are lots of movign legendary stories handed down and spread out among the locals.

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