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The Feilonpu Waterfall, with another name Dadishui, is 20 kilometres to the Southwest of the county seat. There is a highway linking the waterfall with the Dadishui Hydroelectric Station. Getting off the bus, visitors only need to walk two to three Li to the destination. The water of the fall originates from the Bajiang River. With a drop of 88 meters, the maximum flowing volume reaches 150 cubic meters per second. The waterfall is thus Yeputed as Zhujiang's No. 1 waterfall. In flood seasons, visitors can see the imposing water falling straight down. The sound produced from the fall trembles surrounding mountains, and can even be heard from a distance of several Li. In dry seasons, the waterfall is divided into two falls, just like silver rings hung in the east of the waterfall is the Niulang (cowboy) Cave and the Celestial Cave to the west. Besides, not far away from the fall, there is a hot spring with an invariable temperature of 24 degrees centigrade, which has attracted crowds of tourists to come in all the four seasons.


The Long Lake is near Weize Village, 15 kilometres to the east of the county seat. It is a lava lake, with a length of 3 kilometres and a width of only 300 meters, thus being named 'Long Lake'. In the middle of the lake is the Penglai (fairyland ) Islent. In the bottom of the Lake are stalagmites and stone posts. The lake gets another name 'Hiding Lake' since it is deeply embraced by surrounding mountains covered by green pines. The Long Lake scenic area is composed of the Mopan Mountain, Dushi Mountain, Long Lake and Penglai Islet. Looking at the far-reaching green mountains and beautiful lake, visitors will specifically enjoy its fresh atmosphere, secluded and elegant charms.


The Zhiyun Cave is about 3 kilometres to the Northwest of Shilin. It has another name 'Ziyun (purple cloud ) Cave', and is composed of the Major Zhiyun Cave, Minor Zhiyun Cave, Daqian Cave and Pig¡¯s Ear Cave. Zhiyun Cave has a total area of about 2.55 square kilometres and is one of the underground wonders of lava topography. According to a record written during the reign of Qing dynasty's Emperor Kangxi, the stone which was used as the cave¡¯s gate was like fungus and clouds, thus getting a name 'Zhiyun'. There are caves inside the Zhiyun Cave, and a big cave can even hold a thousand people. The Zhiyun Cave is full of grottoes and can produce a drum or bell-like sound with percussion. Other spots include stone beds, fields, waves and scales, etc., which are considered as 'celestials remains'. The flowing lava on the top of the cave has been past hundreds of millions of years and has formed various kinds of vivid and lively shapes such as an old celestial standing on a stick, jade stalagmites, treasury pagoda, or a frog in a jumping position. Another scenic spot is like dragons in the air, appearing from clouds and puffing fogs.


The Strange Wind Cave is 5 kilometres away to the Northeast of the Major & Minor Stone Forests. It is composed of three parts - the Intermittent Wind-puffing Cave, Siphon Spring and Underground River. In August and November each year, strong wind is frequently puffed out from the Wind-purring Cave, accompanied by the noise flowing water, making the tranquil earth noisy and dusty, 2 or 3 minutes later, wind-puffing stops and everything becomes tranquil again. A few minutes later it starts to puff again. Each time the wind puffs out with a short intermittent break of 15 to 30 minutes in rainy seasons and about one hour in dry seasons.
Such strange phenomenon is because that the Siphon Spring is situated at the lowest point of the Strange Wind Cave and is connected with the Intermittent Wind-puffing Cave. The underground water flows a few meters and enters a water-dropping hole of the underground river. When the water level rises one to two meters high, it promptly drops down, producing thunder-like drainage sound. The air is also puffed out from the cave, thus creating the fantastic view of the Strange Wind Cave.

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