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Yuan Ming Yuan, The Ruins of ¡¶Garden of Gardens¡·

Yuan Ming Yuan was located to the east of Summer Palace. Construction started in 1709 and was completed after more than 150 years. With an area of over 340 hectares and a building space of more than 160,000 square metres, the three-in-one garden was considered a masterpiece of Chinese gardening.

The Ten-Thousand-Flower Labyrinth, one of the scenes in the Garden of Perfect Splendour, has been reconstructed. It is a maze of winding paths between low walls in the eastern part of the garden.

Unfortunately, the garden was looted and torched by the Anglo-French allied force in 1860 and by the allied force of eight powers in 1900. A once wondrous garden was reduced to ruins. Visitors today can see a few blocks of stone and broken marble that once belonged to the European palaces constructed under Emperor Qianlong between 1740 and 1747.

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