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Kuaiji Mountain and Jianhu Lake

The Kuai Ji peaks rise one higher than another and the green wave ripples on the Jianhu Lake. The above-mentioned Kuai Ji Mountain and the Jian Lake are both famous scenic spots of Shaoxing City. As a famous region of rivers and lakes, Shaoxing City has always been celebrated for its scenic beauty. The long towpath which cleaves the water in two, the East Lake on which one can go boating and enjoy the marvellous spectacle of" looking at the sky from the bottom of a well", Keyan's Rock called Cloud-Bone which towers aloft in a wide expanse of flat land,... all these will make you indulge in pleasure and forget home and duty. There are so many beautiful things that you simply can't take them all in. You will have a strong feeling as if people are walking in a mirror and boat is sailing in a picture. It will evoke your great interest for sightseeking.

Jianhu Lake

Rowing home The Jianhu Lake is as valuable to Shaoxing as intestines and stomach to hunian being. The lake provides people with large wealth. It is also as important as brows and eyes to man's face. The lake forms a scenic beauty of Shaoxing. The Jianhu Lake is located against green hills, Iinked by waters. Its lakeside is dotted with historical sites. Many small boats are rowing with oar's creak.Women are doing a wash by the lakeside. People are busily engaging in fishing. The vast scene of watery country is so beautiful that visitors are too busy for the eyes to See.

Kuaiji Mountain
Lying to the southwest of Shaoxing, Kuaiji Mountain got its name over four thousand years ago because Yu the Great met the dukes and dispensed rewards according to their merits in the regulation of rivers and watercourses there.
The fantastic mountains, the shimmering streams, the fishing men, the busy washerwomen and the picking-lotus-seedpods girls are integrated into a large scroll painting of landscape.

Travelling in a boat on the Ruoya River and climbing up the Kuaiji Mountain at a slow walk, writers and poets have written many fine pieces of writing and beautiful lines which provided people with a wide knowledge and many beautiful memories.

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