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The Tomb of Wang Zhaojun.

The Tomb of Wang Zhaojun, which is called Green "Grave" or "Tmur Urhu" in Mongolian (meaning "Iron Fortress"), is situated in the southern suberb of Hohhot, 9 kilometers away from the urban area. It is said that it is the tomb of Wang Zhaojun - a maid in the imperial palace of the Emperor Yuan Di of the Western Han Dynasty - volunteered to marry the chief Huhanye of Xiongnu Horde as a peace envoy. Sixty years after she came to the NORTH FRONTIER AS WIFE OF Huhanye, the Han people coexisted peacefully with the Xiongnu people. Therefore, Wang Zhaojun enjoyed the love and esteem of the Chinese people. The tomb is an artificial earthen mound with a height of 33 meters. According to the legend, the green grass on the huge mound never turned yellow even when late autumn came. In front of the tomb are some tablets engraved with poems written by Dong Biwu and other famous men in history.

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