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Wan-Bu-Hua-Yan-Jing Tower

Wan-Bu-Hua-Yan-Jing Tower (meaning ten-thousand-volumn Huayan Scripture Tower), also called White Tower, is located in the White Tower Village of the east suburb of Hohhot, 17 kilometers away from the urban area. It was originally a tower of Buddhist temple where the Buddhist scripture was collected and preserved. The octagonal tower, a brick-wood building painted with chalk, is characterized by the architectural style of the Liao Dynasty. The tower is 55 meters high, looking grand and magnificent. Its base is shaped like lotus flower petals. On the surface of the tower are carved the exquisite relief sculptures of Buddha, Bokhisattva, heavenly kings and dragons, which are all true to life and pleasing in form. Six tablets of the scriptures written in quite a few languages (such as Chinese, Mongolian, Tibetan and languages of Qidan, Nuzhen, Basba and other minority nationalities) are all well preserved on the walls inside the tower. All this records the history and customs of the ancient town called Fengzhou. As this tower is one of the most exquisite towers of the Liao Dynasty in China, it was appointed to be a unit under the key protection and preservation by the State Council in 1982.

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