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The Qingjing Mosque

The city of Quanzhou was not the only host to Buddhism but was a friendly harbour to other religions, including Christianity, Islamism and Manicheism. Along with the development of economy, foreigners kept pouring in to do business, to preach or to settle down. Many splendid cultural and religious relics bear witness, among which the most famous are the Qingjing (lustration) Mosque of Islamism and the "holy tombs" on the Lingshan Hill.

The Qingjing Mosque in Quanzhou is one of the five most time-honored, best preserved and biggest Qingjing Mosques in the Islamic world. It was designed after the mosque in Damascus, Syria, and built with pure granite. its pointed-arch portal, 20 meters high, has three layers, outer, middle and inner. The outer and middle layers are similar to the caisson ceiling in the Chinese ancient architecture. The vaulted inner layer took on the architectural style of the ancient Arab. Standing under the vault, you can realize the time-honored cultural exchange between China and foreign countries.

In the "holy tombs" on the Lingshan Hill are buried the disciples of Mohammed, founder of Islam, who travelled with difficulties to China across vast ocean to preach. This is one of the few existing relics in the islamic world. In the shape of a crescent, the winding stone corridor at the "holy tombs" signifies the purity and holiness of the disciples. The "Zheng He Burning Incense Tablet" records the prayer of a pious Chinese Moslem. The huge stone that shakes slightly when strong winds blow is said to be the relic of the holy sage.... Over many years, countless Moslems came here to worship.

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