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Luoyang Bridge

It is said, "the bridges in central Fujian are second to none under heaven". The most representative one is the Luoyang Bridge. In 1053, the 5th year in the reign of Huangyou of the Northern Song Dynasty, the people of Quanzhou, who are good at manipulating stones, built a dike by throwing stones into the sea where the Luoyang River empties itself into the sea, on the initiative of Quanzhou Prefect Cai Xiang. The foundation of the piers was ingeniously designed: shaped like a raft to ward off the pressure of the currents. Oysters were cultivated at the base of the piers to help glue them to the bedrock. This is the first sea port bridges in China, the Luoyang Bridge. A grand project when built, the bridge, 834 meters in length, 7 meters in width, had 31piers seven pavilions, nine stone pagodas and carved balustrades on either side with 28 stone lions. 7.. verdant pines were planted in the north and south of the bridge. The Luoyang Bridge spanning the Luoyang River has been described as a magnificent view like a rainbow spanning the sky.

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