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Shanhaiguan Changshou Mountain National Forest Park Attracts Numerous Tourists

Materials are provided by "Travel China weekly newspaper"
Text by Xiao Yingjie

The Shanhaiguan Changshou Mountain National Forest Park attracts numerous tourists due to its rich forest resources and the unique sights it offers. From January to mid-August this year the park received around 350,000 visitors.
Shanhaiguan District is a historical site where the Ming Great Wall meets the sea. While developing its man-make tourism resources, the district has also made a great effort to develop its forest scenery resources and the scenic area is gradually taking shape. The forest park has 4,878 hectares of land and 3,618 hectares of forest (covering 74.7 percent of the park). The park is divided ito three core scenic areas: Jiaoshan Mountain, Changshou Mountain and Yansai Lake.

Xuanyang Cave in the Changshou Mountain Scenic Area is the largest granite cave in northern China. It is 117 meters long, with caves upon caves in addition to many strangely shaped rocks.

Yansai Lake is surrounded by mountains on all sides and the tree-shaded mountains, which comae in various shapes and sizes, are known as the "Little Three Gorges." There are mountain springs gushing from rocks, including Warm Spring, and Wuquan Nunnery. The Jiaoshan Mountain has the Great Wall meandering along the mountain ridges, forming an angle with the Old Dragon Head, where the Great Wall stretches into the sea. On August 7, 1996 the Buddha Light appeared on Jiao Mountain, a phenomena that happened another six times in the past two years. The weather in the area is changeable with mist in the mountains, but something that doesn't change is the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset.

The park is rich is flora and fauna resources. Since the mountain is located in the coastal area and has a steep gradient, the sight of the different species of vegetation distributed up the slope is quite stunning. There are 200 species of trees in 104 genera and 52 families; 33 species of mammals in 18 families; 18 species of reptiles in 6 families, and 359 species of birds in 60 families, with 68 species of birds under national protection.

The park has developed angling activities in Yansai Lake, in addition to building Wuqinxi (Five-Animal Exercises) Hall, a Forest Bath Site, a Hunting Ground, and MIngcui Gully. It has also built all the necessary facilities for mountaineering, camping, specimen collecting, photograph, painting, leisure pursuits and convalescence.

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