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Mt.Qingcheng: The Birthplace of Chinese Taoism

That "the tranquility of Mt.Qingcheng ranks No.1 under the heaven" is a title for Mt.Qingcheng with deep valleys and rolling ridges and peaks. Mt.Qingcheng lies in Dujiang yan municipality, Chengdu sichuan, and is 54km away from Chengdu. It is a state--level scenic spot and the birthplace of Chinese Taoism.

With its luxuriant vegetation, green trees, streams and waterfalls, peaks and ridges, blossoms and birds, Mt.Qingcheng deserves the title of a "Heavenly View", Mt.Qingcheng Scenic Spot consists of front and back mountains. The Front Mountain boasts over 10 magnificent palaces and temples of Taoism dotted in green peaks and ridges, trees and woods. Among many historic relies are more than 40 kiosks, bridges, mills and pavilions in different styles and architecture. There are 36 world-famous peaks in Mt. Qingcheng, one rising higher than another. The mountains are in all directions, the streams are quiet and the trees are green all year around.

That over 1800 years ago, the "heavenly Master" of Taoism, Zhang Ling, chose Mt. Qingcheng for prea ching may be due to the tranquility of Mt. Qingcheng being just right for the quiet mentality pursued by the Taoist. Lu You, a great poet in Song Dynasty, composed a lot of works in Mt. Qingcheng. His verses: Clouds, Like peaks of mountains, are rising up in the north Mountains, like green waves, are flowing to the east are true portrayal of Mt.Qingcheng. Great painters Xu Beihong and Guan Shanyue, and the master of traditional Chinese painting Zhang Daqian in modern time once stayed in Qingcheng for a long time. Zhang Daqian even brought his whole family to Qingcheng and stayed there for as long as 3 years, long enough to show his favor of Qingcheng. The Back Mt.Qingcheng is featured of natural and ecological beauty, primeval gullies and ravines and peculiar vines, and has 4 deep green and perllous gullies respectively named Feiquan, Wulong, Shenxian and Hongyan, cach in length of 5 km. Inside the gullies are magnificent and marvelous cliffs, valleys and plank paths, deep ponds and water screens, waterfalls flying down to valleys, cavens and stalagmites, and over 50 such natural wonders, with a changing and enchanting picture scrooll formed. The newly found crystal corrosive cavern in the Back Mt. Qingcheng is even more grotesque with forests of stalactites, and is among the few large crystal corrosive cavens in China.

In recent years, tourism is growing fast, as many as 1 million tourists come to Mt. Qingcheng annually. Both Front and Back Mt. Qingcheng are equipped with telphers and cablecars for tourists convenience. In terms of catering and entertainment, many starred hotels, mountain villas and standard guesthouses are set up for tourist groups, conferences and leisure spending. Mt. Qingcheng will entertain the tourists with quality service and hospitality.

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