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China's Fossil Glacier Park

Mt. Luoji, situated 37 kilometers southeast of Xichang (the Spaceflight City of China), Sichuan, covers an area of 200 square kilometers, with a 4359 meters main peak. Mt. Luoji got its name for the contour of the main peak, which looks like a green whorl and the whole alp like the hair bob of a young married woman.

On the mountain, there are three Heavenly Gates, 72 Heavenly Ponds, hundreds odd peaks, ten thousands mu rhododendron, boundless wildwood of firs, alpine meadows and typical glacier physiognomies. It is a well-protected area that the archaic mountain glacier in their integrity. Morainal lakes dot the whole mountain. It may be called the "mountain of tarns". 600 years ago, Marco Polo was astonished by this unique landscape.

Mount Luoji, tall, rugged and animato, lies in the middle raphe of the Hengduanshan Cordillera. The Stone Bamboo Shoot Peak, Camel Peak, Jade Maiden Peak, Fairy Boy Peak wriggle to the horizon and formed a spectacular sight. Five-colored Lake, Turtle Lake, Golden Lake, Sisters Lake, Dahaizi (mother Lake), Fairy Peak Lake dot among the ancient, forests-covered range, Dahaizi is the biggest glacier lake that covers an area of 450 mu.

Benefit from the geographic position, the changeable alpine climate and enclosed geographical environment enable Mt. Luoji to be rich in plant and wildlife resources. In addition to virgin forest, there are more than 50 varieties of azalea, covering an area of as much as 10,000 mu, simply a flower ocean. Moreover, multicolored glacial lakes, magnificent hot spring waterfalls on the mount offer such charming scenery. Over 180 kinds of birds, 28 kinds of state-protected animals live here. It's also the kingdom of forest, which keeps many primitive botanical and animal species. 300 vertebrate (includes 40 beasts, 39 pisces, 23 amphibian reptiles) and 180 sections 2000 genres higher plants gather here. The government is now making efforts to build it into a national park to show Mt. Luoji's unique geography.

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